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We invest and manage small and medium businesses

About Us

23 & Park is a private firm headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia that specializes in the active management of solvent small to medium-sized businesses with strong potential to grow sustainably. 

We represent a world-class team of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs passionate about acquiring, managing and growing businesses.

We seek to acquire privately held businesses with revenue between US$4 and US$35 million.

We are an attractive option for business owners considering a partial or full sale of their business.

We will dedicate 100% of our efforts and resources towards managing and growing that company, undertaking an active day-to-day operating role and working closely with the existing management team to help the company achieve its next level of performance.

About us


The Executive Team of 23 & Park has wide experience in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Industrial businesses with operations in Colombia and abroad.

23 & Park combines the experience of sophisticated managers and advisors comprised of business operators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, academics and investment professionals. This team brings decades of experience in evaluating investment opportunities, driving operational improvements, financing and selling medium-sized companies in a variety of industries.

Investors, advisors and the executive team make up the Board of Directors of the businesses managed by 23 & Park.

Investment focus

Investment Focus

Our main targets are service related businesses with annual revenues ranging between US$4 and US$35 million in industries where our team has previous experience.

Acquisition candidates include profitable companies with motivated sellers seeking liquidity and management transition due to retirement, monetization of an investment or divestiture.

We seek to work with owner-managers in a transition period to ensure a smooth change in control and a continued business legacy.

23 & Park provides business owners with a unique alternative to the traditional private equity fund.


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Commitment to Business Owners

We know how much time and effort business owners have spent in growing and developing their business. We value the input and advice of business owners before and after the transaction is complete.

Timely Transactions

Focused on minimizing transaction time - a long, drawn out sale process can put substantial stress on an organization and its employees. 

Capital and professional resources available that ensure the quick and professional consummation of transactions.

Flexible Deal Structures

Ability to tailor the financing of the transaction to accommodate seller’s lifestyle and tax planning needs.

Possibility of ongoing owner involvement and/or equity in the business.

Continued Venture Success

Full commitment to growing the business the owner has built.

Not interested in flipping companies for near-term returns.

Manage with the intention of creating a profitable, growing enterprise for the long-term.

Employee Welfare

Belief that retaining a company’s current employees, preserving its culture, and building strong relationships with existing management are critical for long-term success.

Commitment to work with current employees to ensure a smooth transition and fair treatment of the people who have contributed significantly in building a company.


We will handle all procedures and negotiations with the highest degree of integrity.

We will manage the company under an ethical framework focused on sustainable processes.

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commitment to owners
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